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Experience the Magic
of 1:1 Support 

Are You Ready to Shift?

This program is for you if...

You feel stuck in the old stories and patterns holding you back.

You feel dissonance with your outer life but don't quite know how to get unstuck.

You have persistent health and/or relationship challenges. 

You know deeply there is another way and that you were meant to live in freedom and joy. You are ready to live differently.

Your Path to Inner Freedom
My passion is to help you unwind the energetic patterns that are holding you back physically, mentally, and spiritually so that you can share your genius with the world and thrive in ease, abundance and joy.

 meditative inquiry, somatic release, frequency, plant medicines, and breath, I support you to become naturally open, free, loving and unburdened.

When this happens, you are "rewilded."

The ReWilded Self embodies inner coherence and is FREE.
When you rewild within, life flows more effortlessly with ease and grace. You align with your purpose and decisions become easier. The winds of the universe are at your back.

If you are ready to begin your next stage of inner transformation, apply below and I'll send you a link to schedule a free discovery call with me where we can discuss whether the program is a great fit for you.

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Unshakeabe Cal
Dry Sticks

YES, I am interested :)

Thank you! I'll get back to you soon.With love, Holly

Pamela H, CA

“I'm so excited about having the incredible opportunity to work with Holly Copeland! She's changed my life through her personal, sensitive, and deep understanding of healing the heart and mind!"

Heather W, WY

"This program is a real game changer for me! Holly has provided me the tools and guidance to help me work through some of my deepest challenges. In less than a month, I already feel the benefits!."

Sander F., Canada

“I have worked with many healers / energy workers  over 5 decades and Holly's sessions have offered me one of the best healing sessions to date. Holly has helped me navigate feelings of overwhelm, fear and exhaustion to those of strength and confidence where money, energy and clarity has seemingly appeared out of nowhere. I can't recommend Holly enough.”
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