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About HeartMind Alchemy

Uniting Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science

We live in an electric universe made of consciousness that is intelligent, interconnected and whole. These deep truths were understood by the ancient wisdom traditions long before we even knew the term quantum field. Modern science makes the invisible visible through the use of bio-feedback devices, which creates confidence, accelerates transformation, and enhances healing.

Uniting ancient wisdom with modern science, I support people to an awakened mind and heart into infinite potential through meditation coaching, vibrational energy healing, and workshops.

This is the HeartMind Alchemy Journey.


Living in flow is reorienting to the liveware within you that is already installed — you just haven’t activated it yet.

The Story

My Story

Five years ago, my life felt like it was falling apart. A job that I'd been in for 17 years was not working for me anymore and I started having symptoms of severe mold poisoning, sending my health into a downward spiral. In 2018, I changed jobs and detoxed from the mold, but somehow by making that change, I unearthed a new realization that I hadn't been living wholeheartedly and joyfully for awhile--I really couldn't remember when. Specifically, my despair over the state of the world combined with years of a stressful busy job left me frayed and burnt out. I was determined to never let myself become so unhappy again and inspired to change a WHOLE lot more. Thus began my journey inward. I literally wrote "My Rewire My Brain Project" at the top of my journal page and outlined all the things I was learning how to do to change my brain and change me. The first was learning to focus and calm my mind. No more did I want to float aimlessly from thought to thought. I read about alpha brain waves and the power of shifting from crazy nonstop thinking beta brain waves. As a scientist, understanding how my brainwave patterns led to unhealthy thinking and stress was a huge light bulb moment for me. You mean I could change my pattern of thinking and be happier? I have control over that?  The answer is definitely yes, you CAN. I set out to change my brainwaves and it profoundly changed my life. And if I can do it, you can too.


Our Clients


About Me

  • Certified Human Potential Coach, ACC

  • Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner

  • Certified Subtle Energy Meditation Teacher

  • Certified Neuromeditation Institute Instructor

  • Certified Breath of Love Instructor

  • Holy Fire III Reiki Master

  • Former senior scientist with the University of Wyoming 

  • 20 year science career with The Nature Conservancy

  • MA  from the University of Wyoming, BA from the University of California at Davis

I am a scientist, geek and biohacker with a passion for personal wellness, spiritual growth and transformation. Naturally curious, I love analyzing data and using data and technology to understand our external and internal worlds. I find the mind the most fascinating topic of all and what neuroscience is learning about the mind's role in individual body and global coherence and how we are connected by quantum energy fields. This blends well with my formal training as a wildlife conservation scientist with a 20 year career with The Nature Conservancy. I am deeply passionate about the earth, wildlife conservation, planetary well-being, and have strong skills analyzing and finding patterns in data.   


In 2018, my health took a huge setback when I developed mold illness from several hidden sources in our home. Using a number of modalities and with the help of functional holistic doctors and practitioners, I navigated and recovered from this illness.  I believe that our natural state is to be healthy and we can and should take our health into our own hands, guided by a wide variety of experts. While I am not a medical doctor or health professional, I can bring my personal experience and Human Potential Institute training as a resource to clients in the areas of nutrition, supplements, sleep, light, and exercise.  


In addition to data and science, I have wide-ranging interests that span spirituality, poetry, music, and understanding the big questions of who we are and why we are here. I have active creative pursuits as a violinist in the Fremont Symphony Orchestra and Celtic fiddler, bluegrass mandolin player, trail runner, hiker, rock climber, and mom of twin girls.  


Today, as a Human Potential Coach, I am driven to combine my passions in personal growth and wellness, spirituality and mindfulness, neuroscience, wildlife science, biohacking and creative arts to help people transform themselves to finally live from a place of true inner radiance and joy, fulfilling their hearts deepest desire, and sharing that joy with the world to raise planetary consciousness.

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