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Weaving Ancient Wisdom & Leading Science

Coaching, energy medicine and technology that transforms lives

The Magic of 1:1 Support

This is what I know:

1. Being a human being isn't easy.

2. You were not meant to do this alone.

Nothing compares with the magic of 1:1 support and being held in a sacred container with another being who is here solely for your well-being, growth and transformation.

My greatest joy is supporting magical beings to shift into joy, freedom and love.

The device that I can't stop talking about...

Albert Einstein said: "The future of medicine will be frequency medicine." That future is here now in the form of a little handheld device called the Healy.
I'm use it everyday and it's changing how I think about healing and what medicine will look like in 10, 20 or 30 years when everyone has access to this technology.
If you want to learn more, email or message me on IG (@rewilding.hollycopeland) or click the link below.
I'd love to start a conversation with you. 


MoreWays to Work Together


Inner ReWilding Circle


Awaken, Heal, Breathe Masterclass


1:1 Quantum Clarity Session

  • 90 Minute LIVE Meditation and Biofield Tuning Session (1st Tuesday of each month at 12:00 pm PT)

  • 90 Minute LIVE Breathwork and Tuning Session (3rd Tuesday of each month at 12:00 pm PT)

  • Access to recordings of all sessions

Free for the first month.
Cancel anytime hassel-free.

Access four, 90 minute sessions, where you will:

  • activate the healing channels in your body 

  • release dissonant patterns and come into greater resonance with the universal field

  • harness the extraordinary power of your own breath to let go of old fears, habitual self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs.

  1. Awakening and Healing Through Vibrational Alchemy (Part 1)

  2. Breathe with Love (Part 1)

  3. Awakening and Healing Through Vibrational Alchemy (Part 2)

  4. Breathe with Love (Part 2)

Unlimited Access. Available Now.

​If you...

  • understand that everything is energy

  • know the power of frequency to heal

  • seek to access the information in your quantum field to get crystal clear on what is holding you back

  • want to clear negative thought patterns and beliefs

...then book a Quantum Clarity Session with Holly to experience the power of frequency-based coaching and healing. In the words of one client "Working with Holly both on an individual and group level has changed my life." 

30 minutes

This work changes lives...

“After decades of living a life where my heart was closed off, afraid to let my guard down and to feel, even though I was still hopeful that this would change, deep down I resigned myself to living out the rest of my life this way with issues unresolved. Then I was led to discover Holly Copeland. She creates an amazing safe space of compassion, understanding and non-judgement where I have been able to, for the first time in my life, allow myself to open up and be totally vulnerable and bear my soul sharing what I never thought I could give voice to. I have had profound and deeply moving experiences with the tools of self-discovery she has taught me. It’s so comfortable working with Holly. It’s like talking to an old friend who just “gets you” and for this I am grateful. If what I’ve experienced speaks to you, I highly recommend working with Holly.” -  Frank L.

“I connected with Holly at a difficult time in my life. I was stuck and afraid of moving forward. She provided the safe space and gentle, healing practices that helped me work with my trauma and fear and ultimately connect to my inner calm, courage and clarity. I can’t recommend her enough! She is a phenomenally gifted and loving sound healer, meditation teacher, and coach! If you have the opportunity to work with her 1:1, do it! You won’t be disappointed!” Laurie B

"My coaching experiences with Holly are profound. I can truly say that I am awakening and healing with her by my side as my trusted coach. Holly’s groundedness, peace, passion and unwavering love are the key ingredients that nourish my soul, ease my pain, and allow me to dare stepping into unknown inner and outer territory. With her support I continue having deep realizations, experiencing forward-leaps in my health, and an anchoring of myself within myself and the greater whole. In our sessions together, I get to have transformative conversations, powerful breathwork experiences, magical biofield tuning sessions and so much more. Holly is a very gifted treasure and I am so grateful I have her in my life!" Nina K, Germany

Upcoming Live Events

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I'm glad you are here!

I'm a former conservation scientist from turned Human Potential Coach, sound and breathwork healing practitioner, and meditation teacher.

I am passionate about supporting those floundering in the muddy waters of the mind and overwhelmed by life's challenges to flourish and step into the flow of life.


I am here in service to help you unwind and release the patterns of the past so that your life can FLOW in unbound clarity, ease and joy.

To a Life in Resonance, Harmony and Flow,  

“The fundamental truth is that you are the light you are seeking. What has been obstructing that knowing and being is just a story; distorted waves in space that can be tuned back to their underlying harmonious perfection. Beneath the noise in the signal and stories of victimhood and struggle, you are simply one with the unified field, the cosmos itself – you are the universe. And from that perspective everything is possible.” – Eileen Day McKusick
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