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Uniting ancient wisdom with modern science, HeartMind Alchemy supports people to a clear, calm and awakened mind through coaching, energetic healing, neurofeedback brain training, workshops and retreats.

Welcome to HeartMind Alchemy

1-1 Coaching

Certified Human Potential and NeuroMeditation coaching with Holly. In these sessions I work with you personally to help achieve levels of calm, clarity and resilience that you have likely never experienced

Biofield Tuning and Reiki Energy Healing

As a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, Holly offers 90 minute in-person or distance energy healing sessions using Reiki, vibrational and sound therapy with Huso and quantum and microcurrent frequency healing with Healy. Holly also now offers 120 minute biofield tuning sessions that use vibration and sound therapy to clear the auric field.


We offer workshops on subtle energy meditation, dream yoga, astrology, and reiki. Take an unparalleled journey with us into ancient wisdom practices such as the illusory body, daytime awakening practices, and learning to lucid dream.

Our next course in Subtle Energy Meditation starts March 6th, 2022!

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Journey To Your Truth

Journey to your truth is a roadmap to awakening.  In this program, we bridge ancient wisdom and modern science as a living practice.  We teach you to harness the magical subtle energies of life to discover your authentic self, master your destiny and open to your unlimited potential. We peel back the layers of conditioning that are holding you to stuck patterns and states that veil your inner knowing. With this newfound clarity, we help you transmute negative emotions and live from a state of awakened awareness, empowerment and wisdom. Knowing and living from your true heart is living in flow effortlessly and joyfully.

HeartMind Alchemy Lab

Join our active Facebook community! This is a place of exploration and discovery for kind and curious humans to share data, research science and articles at the intersection of neuroscience, quantum science, brainwaves, meditation, consciousness, and neurofeedback technology.

Meditation Teacher

Holly offers guided live and recorded meditations on various platforms, including Insight Timer, Enlightened World Network, and Raising Our Vibration App. 

Meet Your Guide

If we haven't met before,

I'm Holly Erin Copeland.


I'm a coach, teacher, healer and mentor. I help you discover the unbounded clarity, calm and joy of your own mind and heart. 


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of 
energy, frequency, and vibration."



Clear Mind

While many of us have learned to eat right and exercise for our health, most of us have never been taught "mind training" or the art of learning to become the CEO of our own minds. Instead, for many people, our minds are like a leaf fluttering in the wind, bouncing haphazardly between thoughts and reacting to every external circumstance with an analytical, evaluating mind that likes/doesn't like or wants/doesn't want this or that. This type of thinking is stressful and reactive, leading to constant seeking of external ways to calm the mind. Yet, when you learn to stabilize your inner state and mind, profound transformation awaits.  We harness scientifically proven neurofeedback  technology  to  aid  in  mind  training and  make  progress  quickly.  You don't need to sit in a cave for three years to access mental stability and inner joy.  

Meditation by the Sea