Uniting Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science

Blending transformational coaching and meditation, vibrational healing, and breathwork to support you to heal, access your natural state of calm, clarity and joy, and step into a life of flow and ease.

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  • Breathwork & Sound Vibration for Creativity
    Dec 10, 4:30 PM PST – Dec 11, 7:30 PM PST
    DMCO Studio, San Anselmo, CA 94960, USA
    A combination of breathing and sound tuning to guide the class through an experience that is gentle and spacious, while helping to open your creative center
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to your true nature


with sound and vibration

with love

Awaken Heal Breathe Podcast

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"I feel a massive difference and much lighter and clearer after our session. I was totally blown away. It was amazing."
-Jinder H., UK

Transformational coaching, vibrational healing, and breathwork

Access your natural state of calm, clarity, and joy through non-dual awareness-based meditation practices.

Work with Holly to face your challenges, get out of the mind and flourish in health, vitality and well-being with the flow with life.

In these 1:1 sessions we heal patterns of dissonance in your biofield to bring the body back into resonance and harmony.

Welcome. I'm Holly

I'm a former conservation scientist from The Nature Conservancy turned Human Potential Coach, vibrational healing practitioner, and meditation teacher.

I am passionate about supporting those floundering in the muddy waters of the mind and overwhelmed by life's challenges to flourish and step into the flow with life.


I am honored to share my gifts of clarity and intuition so that your life can FLOW from the unbound clarity, ease and joy of your own mind and heart.

I've created the Awaken Heal Breathe program to help you AWAKEN to your true nature and infinite potential, to HEAL the body with vibration, and to harness the power of the BREATH to get energy flowing with love.

To a Life in Resonance, Harmony and Flow,  

Holly Copeland

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Cultivate Unshakeable Happiness

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